Round 17 Review and Richmond v Fremantle

Well, that didn’t work!

Despite Fremantle having a much higher average Champion Data score for the team they took to the MCG to take on Richmond, the result didn’t go their way with Richmond getting up by 27 points.

Interestingly once you add to the team averages the Champion Data scores for each player for this game, Richmond’s score goes up by so much, and Fremantle’s down by so much, that Richmond actually ends up ahead (Richmond 70.1 and Fremantle 68.8). This isn’t really useful for our purposes as there’s no point in using data from future events to predict past performance. However, maybe Champion Data’s player rankings are measuring something they should be - they’re just not necessarily good as a predictive measure (at least not on their own…)

It should also be noted further to the last post that Collingwood achieved higher statistics in nearly all measures in their match despite losing to Gold Coast, while Sydney was beaten in many metrics by West Coast yet they cruised to an easy victory.

The pictures of a very efficient Sydney and a woefully inefficient Collingwood are becoming harder and harder to dismiss.